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Bluapple Limited
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Transport & Distribution

We have 20 years knowledge in UK domestic, international transportation and distribution, with an integrated network of regional and market partners.

  • 3PL: We can provide a fulfillment solution or proposal for manufacturers, distributors, importers and exporters. We offer cost saving benefits, with fixed or variable rates to allow you to concentrate on your core business. We have experience in electronics, automotive, packaging and ambient foods.

  • Transport: Our fleet of modern vehicles is UK registered. All have in-cab communication to our operations office and a payload capacity of 28 tons on 13.6m, air-ride, tri-axle trailers. The fleet is available on either a spot hire or contract basis.

  • International: Bluapple has strong connections in most European and Scandinavian markets. Our profile fits the demands of our customers and partners, enabling us to offer a cost effective, competitive price tariff on exports & imports.

Bluapple has the capacity and diversity to operate within various sectors of seasonal markets including:

tick Retail

tick Industrial and Building Products

tick Paper & Packaging

tick Ambient Food and Drinks

tick Automotive